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Group-Rating Safety Accountability
February 2013 OPMA Issue Stink bugs
January 2013 OPMA Focus
OPMA’s Legislative Initiatives are Working
Democrats seek answers from wildlife agency regarding pesticide-endangered species consultations
NPMA Bed Bug Series Coming to a City Near You
NPMA Announces Bed Bug Pandemic Response Plan
What’s Going on Around Capital Square?
Ohio Department of Health Bed Bug Workgroup

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  Insight on the Issues
Clean Water
Colony Collapse Disorde
Endangered Species Act and Animal Rights
Endocrine Disrupters
Media Science
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
Overlooking the Obvious: Cigarette Smoke and Asthma
Science Panel Rejects EPA Plan to Make Air Standards Even Stricter
The Mysterious Asthma Increase
The Increasing Rate of Asthma in the U.S.
Vitamins Linked to Asthma; Activist Groups Silent
Pesticides Are Not the Main Problem

Autism & ADHD
Children with autism have distinctive patterns of brain activity
Evidence of ADHD’s genetic origin, in some
Progress toward solving the complex autism puzzle

Biomonitoring: Measuring Levels of Chemicals in People – and What the Results Mean
Traces of Environmental Chemicals in the Human Body: Are They a Risk to Health?

ACSH Petitions EPA to Stop Declaring Chemicals "Carcinogens" Based on Rodent Tests Alone
EPA to Defend Itself from ACSH
The EPA Stonewalls ACSH: What Would Happen If We Tried This on Them?
We Should Expect More from the EPA
ACSH Holiday Dinner Menu
EPA Model of Dioxin Toxicity Risk Lacks Science
Do Trace Environmental Chemicals Cause Breast Cancer?
Jumping Ship From the Rats
Cancer Trends
The True Causes of Cancer
Does Nature Know Best?
Dueling stories in USA Today — but only the science-based one is right

Clean Water
"Restoring" clean water
Oppose the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act
House Bill Aims to Circumvent Supreme Court on Clean Water Act
Water Worries: Does an EPA Expert Need a Chemistry Lesson?

Colony Collapse Disorder
Buzz kill! Is this 'bee Armageddon'? Nature's most valuable workers mysteriously vanishing out of thin air
Researchers Closer to Solving Disappearing Bee Mystery
Bee acquittal stings journal
The Case of the Disappearing Bees May Be Solved
Newly Discovered Virus May be Killing Bees - Study
Asian Parasite Killing Western Bees - Scientist
Colony Collapse Disorder…..Now Fully and Finally Explained……Psychic in contact with honey bees.
Bees Dying: Is It a Crisis or a Phase?
Bees Vanish, and Scientists Race for Reasons
Decimation of Bee Colonies Has Various Possible Causes
Where Have All The Flowers Gone Since Our Bees Are Disappearing? Scientists Discover New Virus Infecting U.S. Honeybees

DDT Backlash Continues
Malaria atonement and forgiveness
Rachel Carson, Mass Murderer?
SA sees ‘dramatic reduction in malaria cases’
Forty years of irresponsible social responsibility
It's Time to Silence Silent Spring
DDT: Behind the Scare Stories
DDT for Health
DDT spray scares mosquitoes away, study finds
Don't play politics with lifesaving DDT
DDT : Myths And Realities
Anti-DDT Policies Are Deadly
Rachel Carson: Debunked, but Still Lionized
The Church of Rachel Carson
Drowning Out Real Science
Publicise the truth about DDT
Fateful Voice of a Generation Still Drowns Out Real Science
Rethinking the Rachel Carson Legacy
DDT - the view from 1945, still valid today!
Silent Spring
Rachel Carson's Dire Unintended Consequences
POPs Treaty and the Real "Stolen Future"
Malaria Awareness Day, Many Still Unaware of DDT Benefits
Suffering in Silence
DDT Backlash Begins
Rachel Carson and the Malaria Tragedy
DDT house to house spraying starts next year
Rejecting DDT is like signing death warrants
Africans Urge Congress to Fulfill DDT Promise to Fight Malaria
DDT Did Not Harm Eagles
100 things you should know about DDT
Bald-Eagle/DDT Lies Still Flying High
The Spring is Silent on DDT
Pesticides and the West Nile Virus: An Examination of Environmentalist Claims
Mr President, DDT will end malaria
Killing Malarial Mosquitos Now!

Endangered Species Act and Animal Rights

Free the Eagle: The bird will do fine off the endangered list
Alaska governor questions science of polar bear listing
House Budget Resolution Funds Environment, Wildlife and Lands
The Big Bad Wolf Hybrid: How Molecular Genetics Research May Undermine Protection for Gray Wolves under the Endangered Species Act
Human rights for apes?
Croc roams popular picnic spot
Interior Reviewed Studies Weighing Risks to Polar Bear
Court hears of homes vs. species
Wisconsin Wolf Population Continues to Increase
Spotted Owl Fiasco
Endangered Species Act Has Harmed Endangered Species
Stupid Human Tricks: The Sad Case of the Spotted Owl
U.S. government removes bald eagle from list of threatened species
A Cost/benefit Ratio for Wolves
Tiny fish threaten to sink Lubbock's big plans for reservoir
Landowners dismiss proposal from environmental groups
Catron County: Groups aim to overturn wolf law
Woodpecker Habitat Plan Hatched
We smell a rat- Fish and Wildlife accused of gaming the science
Death Penalty A Maybe For Sea Lions
NJ Regulators Still Split Over Bear Policy
Wolf plan comment begins Monday
Species Act Is Working But Broken, Experts Say
The Sanctuary Model
Salmon Farming Controversy Goes to Ninth Circuit
Realtors growl about grizzly overlay zone
Saving the 'snot otter'
Drought-stricken Georgia says it will sue over water
Endangered Species Act Cleared Way for Calif. Fires
Student might be first North American killed by wolves
The Environmentalist Fires
British Animal Rights Activists Jailed
Animal Rights Activists Have 'No Choice' but Violence, Spokesman Says
Human rights for apes? Growing movement wants to grant 'personhood'
Interior Reviewed Studies Weighing Risks to Polar Bear
Coyotes and Bears: Two plus two
Growing bear population endangering livestock
NJ Regulators Still Split Over Bear Policy
Realtors growl about grizzly overlay zone
Bear Activist and Companion Mauled to Death in Alaska
Free the Eagle: The bird will do fine off the endangered list
Alaska governor questions science of polar bear listing
U.S. government removes bald eagle from list of threatened species
Woodpecker Habitat Plan Hatched
Montana brings sage grouse concerns into oil and gas decisions
BirdLife Seeks Species Champions to Keep Rare Birds Alive
Stupid Human Tricks: The Sad Case of the Spotted Owl
A little bitty fish did all that?
Judge Orders State and Federal Governments to Reduce Delta Pumping
Drought-stricken Georgia says it will sue over water\
Lawsuit challenges "habitat" designations for fish species in New Mexico and Arizona PLF News Release
Court hears of homes vs. species
Refuge battle pits farmers, wildlife
Montana oil, gas leases withdrawn over wildlife worries...
Despite lawsuit threat, fort stands firm
Sanctuary - Part 2
Indian farmers braced for rat plague
Group seeks order against Bush official
Clouded Leopard of Borneo Identified as a New Cat Species
Croc roams popular picnic spot
Endangered Species Act Has Harmed Endangered Species
UN Urges World to Slow Extinctions: 3 Each Hour
Supreme Court Curbs Endangered Species Act Abuse
'World's worst weed' chokes out everything in its path
Feds propose habitat for endangered bighorns
Hawaii plantsman confounds greenies
Meet The New Animal-Rights Sugar Momma
Origin of frog-killing fungus probed
Once rare black-footed ferrets make comeback
Species Act Is Working But Broken, Experts Say
Rejecting Propaganda
Ohio Division of Wildlife adds eight species to endangered list
Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for American Pika
Saving the 'snot otter'
The Environmentalist Fires
Strange bedfellows
Wolf plan comment begins Monday
Wolf Ideology & Kenton Carnegie
Wolf kills on the rise as livestock deaths continue
There is Not Much Food in the Forest

Endocrine Disrupters
Endocrine Disrupters
Endocrine Disrupters, Politics, Pesticides,
"Our Stolen Future" Ten Years Later
Plastic Bottle Contaminants? No Reproductive Or Developmental Effects Found In Mice From Oral Exposure To Low Doses Of Bisphenol A
Our Stolen Future? Not Even Misplaced

Beware E. coli when drinking raw milk: study
Natural is not always better
The Organic Food Scam
Organic food 'no benefit to health'
Greenpeace Farming Plan Would Reap Environmental Havoc around the World
Demand grows for raw milk, but is it safe?
Fruits and veggies not likely linked to colon cancer risk
Organic Abundance" Report: Fatally Flawed
Organic food exposed
Marketing rBST-Free Milk Is Misleading
Can Organic Really Feed The World? Activism Disguised As Science
ACSH Morning Dispatch: It's Raining...Milk?
Magical fruits and vegetables: Does “healthy eating” improve breast cancer outcomes?
Organic Farming Yields as Good or Better - Study
Organic tomatoes have more antioxidants
Poison bug 'more likely to be found in organic chickens'
Organic Earth Friendly-The Biggest Misperception in Agriculture
Organic Food Fantasies Never Die
Organic Food a Detriment To Public Health
Mother Nature's Chemical Bounty (from the New York Post)
Uprooting the organic claims

The great organic con trick
Organic Food Fantasies Never Die
Still feeding the world
Scientist Debunks Myth of Organic Nutritional Superiority
Organic Center Should Admit: Organic Not More Nutritious
Study: Organic food has no more vitamins than non-organic
A Bad Summer for Organic Food
Organic food tied to Puna Rat Lungworm outbreak -- more cases reported
Free-range chickens are more prone to disease
Giant compost heaps could raise risk of skin and lung conditions
Organic 'has no health benefits'
Scientist Debunks Myth of Organic Nutritional Superiority
The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuals
Organic food is just a tax on the gullible
The Fatal Error in Organic: FERTILIZER

Media Science
Good Stories, Bad Science: A Guide for Journalists to the Health Claims of "Consumer Activist" Groups

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
More junk science on fragrances
Fragranced Consumer Products—Do You Really Need To Worry?
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and Ohio!
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, American Family Physician
Smearing Cosmetics
Senseless Scent Patrol
Scents and Senselessness
Sick of It All
Nocebo Effect: Think Sick and You’ll Be Sick