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January 2013 OPMA Focus
OPMA’s Legislative Initiatives are Working
Democrats seek answers from wildlife agency regarding pesticide-endangered species consultations
NPMA Bed Bug Series Coming to a City Near You
NPMA Announces Bed Bug Pandemic Response Plan
What’s Going on Around Capital Square?
Ohio Department of Health Bed Bug Workgroup

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What is a PAC (political action committee)?
A PAC is a non-partisan, non-profit organization formed to raise voluntary contributions to use in supporting candidates for state elective offices who share the beliefs and concerns of the members of the PAC. PACs serve to raise and contribute money to the political campaigns of individuals whose platforms agree with the aims of the PAC.

Does the Ohio Pest Management Association (OPMA) have a PAC?
OPMA does have a PAC – the Ohio Pest Control Association Political Action Committee (PAC) is a separate entity established by OPMA. The PAC is formed in accordance with Ohio Law. It is a voluntary, non-profit political organization and is not affiliated with any political party.

How Do I Contribute to the OPMA PAC?
Voluntary contributions to the OPMA PAC must be made in the form of cash, credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) or personal checks. Cash, checks and credit cards from individuals, limited liability companies and partnerships are permitted. Ohio Law prohibits a political action committee from accepting any donations from corporations.

Are Contributions to the PAC Tax Deductible?
No, donations made to OPMA PAC are not tax deductible.

Are there limits on the donations that can be given?
Contributors may donate up to $10, 670 annually to a PAC; however, the contribution must be made by a personal check or credit card. No more than $100.00 in cash may be contributed to a PAC in a year.

How does OPMA know where to distribute donations?
The OPMA Board meets and decides which state legislators/candidates or statewide office holders/candidates the OPMA PAC should contribute to. When the OPMA PAC provides such individuals financial support, the OPMA PAC helps members have a voice in selecting legislators and statewide office holders who will listen to their concerns and issues.

Where does my donation go once I have submitted it to the OPMA PAC?
The OPMA donations remain in the PAC until the Board meets and decides who to contribute to.

How can I donate to the PAC?
Click HERE to make a donation or call the OPMA office at (937) 424-3300.